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Malacca is a city on the western coast of Malaysia with rich and storied history due to its strategic port location. It played a pivotal role in international trade in pre-industrial times, serving as a chokepoint through which any goods traveling between Europe and Asia had to pass. The modern city retains much of its historical construction, especially in the older neighborhoods. These areas are notable for the many buildings erected by wealthy European and Chinese merchants who previously inhabited them, which feature beautiful porcelain tiling and plaster reliefs. In recent years, the city government has painted many downtown buildings bright brick red in order to create some level of uniformity in a move that has stirred controversy. Most of Malacca’s relevant tourist sites have something to do with the city’s history. From the Baba and Nyonya Peranakan Museum to the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple to the Sultanate Palace, visitors can experience the diverse architectural styles and cultural influences that moved through the area. Also popular are nature parks located just outside the city, namely Padang Kemunting Sea-Turtle Sanctuary and Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest. The entire old city is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical relevance.


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