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Track 1: Radar Imaging and Information Extraction


With the rapid development of aerospace science and technology, radar technique plays a more and more important role in various fields of the national economy and people's livelihood. In order to meet the needs of different users, various state-of-the-art radar imaging and information extraction processing methods are being studied. Especially, radar image processing technology based on deep learning technology has been widely used. It is aimed at providing a platform for sharing knowledge and experience on recent developments and advancements in radar technologies, particularly in the context of radar imaging and information extraction.


Track Chairs:

    Prof. Jie Chen, Beihang University, China

    Prof. Xiaolan Qiu, Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Track Program Chairs:

    Assoc. Prof. Wei Yang, Beihang University, China

    Assoc. Prof. Jian Kang, Soochow University, China

Track Technical Committee:

    Dr. Yanan You, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

  Dr. Bo Yang, Innovation Academy for Precision Measurement Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    Dr. Hongcheng Zeng, Beihang University, China

    Dr. Zhirong Men, Beihang University, China

    Prof. Zhe Zhang, Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Suzhou), China

    Dr. Peng Xiao, Capital Normal University, China

    Dr. Yu Li, Beijing University of Technology, China


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to


l   SAR image formation algorithm

l   New methods for advanced radar imaging

l   Radar image quality improvement

l   Radar sequential images or video-SAR processing

l   Radar image processing technology based on Artificial Intelligence

l   Radar image information extraction




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